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Karen Knight

Karen Knight has been providing volunteer engagement advice, mentoring and training for not-for-profit organisations for over 25 years.

An internationally recognized author, presenter and thought leader, Karen is known for challenging the standard thinking around volunteerism, turning a spotlight on overlooked problems and bringing creative solutions to long-standing issues.

With her passion for making a difference in the world, Karen has gained decades of experience in not-for-profits as a volunteer, a leader of volunteers and as a board member. Her professional life has spanned many industries, working in the private, public, and social impact sectors in various leadership positions.

Karen’s ability to create and effectively implement volunteer recruitment, training, and management strategies, custom built for every volunteer situation, has earned her a reputation for providing exceptional results using the resources available.

Using hands-on experience, combined with the extensive studying and research she has completed in the field, Karen loves to help not-for-profit organisations overcome their challenges.

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