Volunteers can make a big difference to the library experience. We’re helping library systems in small towns and large urban centres free themselves from basic clerical work so they can focus on the volunteers themselves and new ways that volunteer engagement can make its own unique contribution to the library.

Track training and qualifications

Our custom fields are amazingly flexible and you can search and report on any one (or more) of them.

Centralised and/or decentralised operations

Some data collection and processes can be established to be common across all branches in your system, while others can be tailored to a particular branch.

Simplify rostering

You can schedule volunteers yourself or let them self-schedule within the roles you decide they can fill.

Reduce the time required to generate reports

Volunteers can punch-in using a time-clock interface at the library and hours and volunteer numbers feed directly into reports.

What your peers say...

“The software decreases my administrative work. It’s easier to manage my volunteers now that all the information is consolidated into one solution.”
Hagley Museum and Library - USA
“The biggest selling point of the software was, and continues to be to this day, the excellent customer service. Every inquiry has been addressed quickly via email or phone.”
Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County - USA
“Our volunteer program has transformed since using Volunteer Impact."
City of Sacramento, Library - USA


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